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Toastmaster Services

The type of function and range of events where Garry is able to apply his ‘trade’ are wide and varied. Gone are the days where it was solely for any type of formal banquet. More established venues still maintain this element of tradition at gala celebration dinners, however many societies, clubs and organisations utilise the duties of a toastmaster at the President’s evening.

The role may also have diversified to other areas such as Master of Ceremonies during a civic function, compere for a fashion show, MC at a corporate product launch and even host at an award or presentation ceremony.

Having been involved from ‘both sides of the table’ Garry’s unique and sympathetic services can be used to enhance all types of weddings, civic ceremonies, gala dinners, Masonic, Rotary, Lions and other functions. Corporate, institute, civic occasions and sporting events may also benefit from his services.

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