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Toastmaster Duties

Having had the opportunity over the past two days to attend a wedding fair in Milton Keynes shopping centre (with the final day today), I’m still amazed at there are many people who are unaware of toastmasters and just exactly what we do.

In times past, the toastmaster would attend to ensure the function ran smoothly and to time, taking care of the relevant announcements, the toasts and in the case of weddings, the cake cutting ceremony.

However, these days my role has changed somewhat and is much more wide and varied. My duties might now be likened to that of a wedding coordinator for the day, a gopher, sheepdog, butler, florist, seamstress and human stress ball.

So when planning a wedding and you’re creating a wish list, consider using my services as your master of ceremonies somewhere near the start. It definitively makes sense and you’ll have a day of your dreams.

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