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The Role of a Toastmaster

When it comes to pomp & ceremony for Royalty or high class functions it has always been said that the English excel – but why should it be limited exclusively to these types of events. Your special wedding day, Masonic Ladies Festival or celebration deserves equal panache and one where Garry, as toastmaster can bring an energetic expertise of sophistication & flair to the occasion.

For many the word ‘Toastmaster’ conjures up an image of a gentleman dressed in a long, red tailcoat with a wooden gavel and speaking in a loud voice to gain attention at functions. For others, they may have little or no knowledge of who a Toastmaster is or indeed the duties they perform.

In days gone by, this initial statement was very true but the role of a modern day Toastmaster has changed over the years. His duties have become quite complex. Still clad in the smart, ceremonial attire, the master of ceremonies becomes a focal point for guests at any type of function. As well as making announcements, he will use his knowledge of etiquette and protocol, experience and charisma to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

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