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A hearty thank you for doing an absolutely first-class job at our wedding

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Hi Garry,
A quick note to say a hearty thank you for doing an absolutely first-class job at our wedding.
I must admit that in the naive days of my bachelorhood, ‘toastmaster’ was not a role I’d really been aware of, but I would recommend you my friends as the first person to call whether they had considered a toastmaster or not – our wedding day was undoubtedly an even happier and certainly less stressful day for your presence!

The name ‘toastmaster’ would suggest a fellow who organises the toasts and makes the announcements, which you did with impeccable class and looked every inch the part, but you were much, much more than that.

From the arrival of my ushers all the way until the first dance you kept the entire day on track from behind-the-scenes as well. You appeared to be everywhere at once at just the right time – tieing cravats, pinning button-holes, discretely producing tissues for greasy fingers and gifts for bridesmaids, ushers and the all-important mother-in-law!

I have a memory of you sprinting discretely across the lawn (who would have thought that was possible in a bright red tailcoat..?) to head-off the photographer before he could spirit us away for another half an hour and ruin everyone’s starters!
It was also a huge help to us to be able to meet up before the big day itself to ask questions of protocol and what to expect on the day. It helped calm pre-wedding nerves and gave us confidence that everything would be alright on the night.

Feel free to quote any parts of this email.
Thanks again Garry, it was a pleasure to have you be part of the day that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives,
All the best

Chaz & Carmen 23rd July 2013

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