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Master Of Ceremonies

If you are looking for a Master of Ceremonies for your event and looking for someone to ensure your event is delivered correctly you have come to the right place.

See what a difference a Master of Ceremonies can make to your event, I will take on the following role(s):

  • Act as the host for your formal event
  • Present Introductions
  • Deliver Applause Cues

More than that, using The English Toastmaster as a Master Of Ceremony for your event means that you can be assured that your event will be formally presented with dignity and professionalism.

Contact me today on 01908 222 502 or 07974 816 919 to speak about your event.

What Makes Me The Best Master Of Ceremony For Your Event

1. Understand The Event

This applies to all types of ceremonies, from weddings to bar mitzvahs. The key to being a good Master Of Ceremony is confidence and knowing what’s going on.

2. Smiling

Smiling shows the room that you’re at ease and having a good time. You want your gustest to be at ease and ensure they are having a good time.

3. Engage With The Room

I am keeping your guests informed about the ceremony, and giving the talent or featured individual time to prepare to go in the spotlight.

4. Funny But Serious

Nobody likes a dull host and I am far from it. I try to be funny where appropriate but never lose track of the purpose of the event.

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