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About Me

I’m delighted to tell you a little about myself and some of the reasons why I do what I do.

I have had a varied experience over the years in many forms of employment, largely in the ceramic tile industry. I have always considered myself a ‘people person’ and I strongly believe that I should treat people in a manner that I would want to be treated myself. I definitely give one hundred percent in whatever I turn my hand to.

In 2008 I was delighted to be able to train to become a toastmaster with The English Toastmasters Association. I have recognised on so many occasions, particularly weddings, the toastmaster duties are so important and particularly with weddings, the role is not only as a Toastmaster but becomes that of a personal assistant too. Although I’m no longer a member of the association with which I trained, I still maintain the very high standards which were instilled at the time and I now put them into practice with The Great British Toastmasters.

I have been privileged to work at over one hundred and fifty different functions during the five years, and this has presented so many fantastic opportunities for me to ensure that my clients have the most memorable time at their event, wedding or celebration. My aim is always to be caring in my approach, but deliver ‘Etiquette with flair on every occasion’.

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